Columbus Agency s.a.s. is an agency that provides comprehensive assistance services to travellers, specialized in the planning and development of tourism travel packages and tailored language study programs abroad.

Columbus Agency s.a.s. is committed to implementing sustainable environmentally responsible practices in our activities, respecting the culture, seeking the social and economic welfare of the regions and destinations that are promoted, always thinking of minimizing the negative impact on our environment, building on the Colombian law.

We work with our customers and suppliers to achieve this. Columbus Agency s.a.s. is against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents CSEC, according to Colombian Law 679 of 2001 Columbus Agency s.a.s Preserves and Protects The Natural and Cultural Heritage of Colombia (Colombian Law 17 of 1981 and Act 397 of 1997) and denounce the illegal trafficking of species Wildlife

Environmental Responsibility:

  1. Promotion of natural wealth.
  2. Awareness efficiency in waste management.
  3. Aware customers  and providers about good behavior during their trips and everyday life.


Socio – Cultural Responsibility:

  1. Promotion of cultural heritage.
  2. Customers and suppliers awareness on the conservation and care of the Cultural Heritage.
  3. Rejection of ESCNNA.


Financial Responsibility:

  1. Responsible procurement.
  2. Promotion of Local Products.




We share the sustainability policy Capacitación Manual de sostenibilidad COLUMBUS AGENCY 15.08.2015 


We support the campaign “Artesanías hecho a mano” Company of Tolima that make handmade accessories for women.” AMBAR