Given that tourism is related to travel and experiences living in a different place to where we live, it is important to care, respect the environment and culture to generate durability and acceptance in them.

COLUMBUS AGENCY SAS  seeing the need to consolidate the different rules of sustainability-focused Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, has developed a guide consisting of tips for tourists, so that through them can bring sustainable development in the continuation of tourist destinations and learn the knowledge of different cultures.


When you travel is it necessary to condition your mind to a different and special atmosphere, where you will experience traditions and cultures that may seem funny or strange.Opening our minds and understanding is a good way to assimilate and learn the diversity of cultures and peoples.In the condition as a tourist it is important to support sustainable tourism and responsible behaviour to highlight the good development of destinations. Here are some tips to support this goal:

6As visitors explore the different traditions and cultures, inquired about their origins and create an environment of interest, so you can get to interact with the locals and gain their affection. It is important at all times be respectful and tolerant of diversity and social practices.

Protect the environment. Conserve and protect habitat, remember that nature is life and its continuance depends on the care we give it. Do not support the trade of  animals in danger of extinction and avoid cutting or buying rare plants.


The cultural, archaeological and artistic heritage are the attractions of greater appreciation. In visits to these places try to value and respect.


On your journey you can help the economy grow for the benefit of the local region. Consider buying handicrafts and other note trading at fair prices.

Before your trip consulted on the destination. Gather the information necessary to know their customs, norms and traditions. Always observe the native population and avoid attitudes that do not edify integrity.

1Human rights are a priority for the agencies. Any form of sexual exploitation directly affects the fundamental objectives of tourism. Sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a criminal offence. Report to the authorities any kind of wrongdoing you see, and allow better quality tourism and sustainable development.