In our office we have an ecological point for the correct classification of waste from users and customers.


This document provides all the information necessary for the management and control of waste generated in the office in order to provide solutions for the storage and disposal of these.


It is any object, material, substance or element resulting from the consumption or use of property, domestic, industrial, commercial, institutional, service activities, the generator abandons, rejects or delivery and is susceptible to the use or processing of a new well with economic or disposal value. They are divided into usable and unusable.


Ensure comprehensive management of waste from its generation to final disposal, according to current legal regulations and compliance program Integrated Waste Management Sustainability, thus contributing to an amicable arrangement with the environment.


Manual Waste Management Agency Columbus is a guide for implementing best practices and use of all types of solid waste generated in the daily activities of the office and on trips that our clients make by Colombia or abroad .

Download Manual in Spanish.