In compliance with law 679 of 2001 and resolution 3840 of 2009, the travel agency COLUMBUS AGENCY SAS receives the code of conduct in order to protect minors from sexual exploitation.

  •  In order to accomplish this we have defined the following guidelines:
  •  All our activities and operations, reject any kind of sexual exploitation of children.
  •  We reject child labor.
  •  We reject discrimination of race or gender.
  •  Officials of the travel agency COLUMBUS AGENCY SAS will not promote institutions in which children are exposed directly or indirectly to the sex trade.
  •  We will promptly communicate to the police and / or competent authorities, cases of child sex trade which are collected or detected and to providers who develop practices related to this issue.
  •  We will market our products without involving misleading advertising and unfair practices with children or teenagers.
  •  We will promote and disclose to the public that sexual exploitation of children is a crime.
  •  We condemn all forms of sexual exploitation of children and support all legal action to prevent and punish these crimes.
  •  We ask the customers, suppliers, partners and other agencies to reject participation in the sexual exploitation of children and to report all cases of sexual exploitation of children of which they are aware.


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