What is Sustainable Tourism?


Sustainable tourism is a form of tourism that follows the principles of sustainability. Sustainable tourism is committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture industry, while helping to generate income and employment for local people.

“Today, tourism is one of the business sectors with the highest growth in the world, so much so that in many countries has become one of the main drivers of development. However, as can be broadly beneficial, it could also eventually cause great damage if not handled properly, as it can affect the rich natural and cultural heritage of any country, understanding the heritage as “a set of personal and real property, and demonstrations cultural synthesize and express the history and identity of a nation “and therefore has implemented COLUMBUS AGENCY S.A.S Sector Technical Standard NTS – TS 003 – Sustainability Requirements to join the sustainable change while aside the legal and regulatory commitments in the country.

(From the book of good practice nature tourism travel agencies Productive Transformation Program (PTP), Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism)

Columbus Agency a Green Company