Caño Cristales Tour

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Discover one of the most impressive spectacles of nature, the river Caño Cristales, called “the river of the five colors”, “the rainbow that melted” or even “the most beautiful river in the world.”

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DAY 01: BOGOTÁ LA Macarena

At the appointed time we will meet at the Bogota airport for check-in and other procedures before flying to La Macarena. (It is usually at 07:30 am, although this time may vary depending on the availability of flights and weather) during the course of the flight will last 60 minutes, you can appreciate the majesty of the Serrania de La Macarena and collage green and blue. The staff of our operator will communicate with tourists the day before the trip, to confirm the meeting point (the Dorado airport or airlift).

At the airport of La Macarena they will be waiting with a refreshing drink our operator personnel in charge of your hosting, along with the guide who will accompany you during your stay. After lunch, they will receive a green talk by the environmental authorities in their facilities. Finally they hear the recommendations of the guide and will have to begin the journey.

This day will be the place to meet a majestic setting of rocks lapped by crystal clear waters surrounded by mountains, where the body is released from everyday life and magic of nature begins to invade (Caño Piedra). During the tour it is inevitable to stop to appreciate from the green dunes (empradizadas beautiful hills), the lush landscape of plains and mountains, sometimes burrowing back the beautiful sunset.

Subject to availability and capacity, this tour can be replaced by El Mirador or other alternative site.

In the afternoon we return to town.

Depending on the time assigned by the environmental agencies will start the tour, the first leg will be on the river Guayabero, habitat variety of birds, reptiles and fish that can be appreciated from the canoe.

They then board a jeep which will lead to Manantial del Cajuche, where the walk will last between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the pace of the economy will start. Arriving to Caño Cristales assigned route by environmental entities tour.


Very early we will take the boat on the river Guayabero go towards CAÑO CRISTALITOS, a small and close spout with splendid beauty and exotic vegetation. On the shores of Guayabero and just minutes from Caño Cristalitos is La Vellozia, a farm that meets in their environment some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Macarena (morichales, chaps, mountains, crags and cliffs that act as lookouts). In other treasures in their ecological trails, part of the history and culture of their land embodied in symbolic works of art.

Subject to availability and capacity this tour can be replaced by an alternative site.


  • Air tickets Bogota -The Macarena Bogota
  • Accommodation 2 nights 3 days * Breakfast (2) * Lunch (3) * Dinner (2)
  • River Transport
  • Ground Transportation
  • Service of permission to enter the park.
  • Tour guide
  • Join the farm Vellozia
  • Medical Assistance Card
  • Daily Hydration (600 ml)


  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • Entrance fee to the municipality of La Macarena
Sábado con lunes $1`430.000
Jueves con sábado $1`380.000
Tarifa promo $1`250.000
*Tarifa sujeta a cambios.

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*Tarifa promo aplica de jueves a sábado antes de puentes y fechas estipuladas en la página web.

*En tarifa promo tenemos 38 cupos en la ruta BOG-LMC-BOG los demás son en la ruta VVC-LMC-BOG


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